Nov12 , 2017 Issue No.30

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My 2017 Christmas Gift

It caught my eye when I was in line to order my Starbucks coffee the day before Veterans Day. I pulled out Scoutify2 and took a scan of its UPC (a habit), and it’s available on Being a coffee drinker and technology enthusiast, I could not help but want one for myself as this year’s Christmas gift. When something is beautifully designed to address a unique problem in life, I am inspired.

On Amazon, Marketers Rely Most on Sponsored Product Ads

During Q4, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner in November, you might want to give some serious thought to using Amazon’s Sponsored Ads to boost your sales. You can easily set up a campaign with a minimal budget by visiting this page. Currently my ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales) is 17%. I am content.

How to be More Helpful to Your Customers

I provide Amazon seller services in the area of product sourcing (GatedList & QikFlips) as well as coaching, so how to continue to add value after sellers become my clients is something always on my mind. In your case, no matter if you are offering unique products or services, the concept of post-sale service can really go a long way in increasing profit. The number in paragraph six in this article is quite eye opening.

Subject: Will be Discontinued

I must have, at one point, given this mail app a try but quickly forgot about it. Now this notice came in my email and serves as a reminder for something we, as entrepreneurs, should look out for as we grow. When it comes to picking the right tool for our business, are we rushing to buy one that’s trending and at a very low price, or the alternative that’s more established and stable with proven track record? When it comes to following a business subject expert, are we more excited about someone who had a huge overnight success, or someone who has a steady slow growth over more than a decade? I’ve seen enough of apps or people who are here today generating the buzz, but are gone the next day to where no one has remembered. We ought to build a business that lasts for the long term.

Amazon in Spotlight

I think the backend inventory location tracking technology for Amazon Prime Now is pretty cool. We have heard that more and more customers do product research on Amazon than on Google, and it’s interesting to see how Google is also driving free organic traffic to Amazon. While the buzz is about if Amazon will get into the pharmacy market, how about if Amazon is becoming a fashion company?